Kim Cooley Reeder
children's book author


Runaway Tomato is my debut book. It all began with a bedtime story for my son. He usually asked for a story about a vehicle or an animal. Never a fruit or a vegetable. Until that night I wasn't sure he knew what a tomato was. They just came pureed with lots of sugar and vinegar in the form of ketchup. As a mom I jumped at the opportunity to make a tomato appealing to a four year-old. And that's how Runaway Tomato was born. 

I wrote my first children's book in 8th grade and entered it into a contest. My illustrations may have played a large role in my book not winning. That was the year I discovered writing. I had an amazing teacher who encouraged me to try different types of writing.

Poetry became my favorite. Silly poetry especially. There's something about having only a limited amount of words available that makes rhymes appealing to me. But mostly I like poetry because it's so fun to read.


I live in Eugene, OR with my husband and kids. We love to bike along the Willamette River on the miles of bike trails. We also spend a lot of time cheering for our sons' sports teams, playing board games, reading and raking up needles from the eight enormous redwood trees in our backyard. My sons are very prolific writers. They even illustrate their books.